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How You Can Help

There are a number of costs associated with providing medical relief to Ghana and other countries. Investigroup NP needs the help of businesses and individuals like you. Our goal is to purchase and ship the following medical equipment to assist in the improvement of healthcare in Ghana:

  • Surgical Microscopes for all disciplines

  • Colposcopes

  • CCTV Outfits high-resolution lab microscope

  • Laryngoscopes, Nasopharyngoscopes, End scopes

  • Stroboscopes

  • Rhino manometers

  • Audiometers

  • VNG Videonystagmography systems for doctors offices

  • Immobilization & Extrication Equipments

  • Malaria Control Equipments, for example, mosquito net

  • Electrosurgical units

  • Airway Maintenance Equipment

  • Breathing & Respiratory Equipment

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Diagnostic Equipment

  • EMS Clothing & Accessories

  • Fire-Rescue-Bags-Equipment

  • Infection Control

  • Large variety of IV equipment

  • Patient Transport Equipment